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The popularity of online gaming, where you can play with many real alive people and not alone, already exceeds the popularity of classic games, where you can only play against the computer or with a limited number of friends. I think very few people have not tried to play in at least one of the many existing games. The majority of browser-based online games present themselves as free. This free conditional: in every game there are always advantages and convenience, without which the play is less interesting, but for the use of which it is required to pay real money, often considerable. Sooner or later you can be bored with the game, but once money has entered there is no way to get them back, and all accrued benefits in the game are simply removed along with the account.

However, there are browser games with the possibility of real earnings, where the accumulated in the game points can be exchanged to real money. Of course, unlike the free games, games with real financial need of the initial investment, but with a rational game the money in your account in the game increase, and eventually it will be possible to withdraw more than was invested. For example, playing Golden Clone game with a clone in the status of the Craftsman, which works at Sawmill or Stone Pit in the Princedom, you can get about 15 cents per month net profit — and this at least. And you can have as many clones — as you want. Payment status of a Craftsman is about 5 Golden coins (about 5€) or less — depending on the tactics of the game after registration.

So by playing, you can earn and grow. And there are many different oppurtunities in the game, besides work: it is possible to grow plants, care for animals, own property and ships, establish villages and Princedom, serve in the squad, play with the fairy, hunt, trade at the Fair and auctions and much, much more. Depending on the activity the profits can grow. The main thing is to calculate all correctly. But you can get both: and enjoy the game, and the ability to withdraw the money earned in the game.

The necessary fee to start the game with a clone of the status of a Craftsman is only 5 Golden coins (around 5 €) or even less.

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